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Dear Customers,
   Welcome to Ladybugs and Lullabies! I created these special no-slip bows and clips because I could not find good quality hair accessories that would stay in my baby girl’s hair. I initially started looking for baby headbands, however they all left marks on her little head. I then started trying various types of bows and clips but none of them would stay in. Even the Velcro bows weren’t perfect and did not stay in more than a few minutes. The name brand clips weren’t much better either and they cost a small fortune.

   I began to look all over for a type of clip that would stay in her fine hair and finally after testing thousands of clips I decided to have a special tiny clip made that is produced exclusively for my company. This little snap clip is very lightweight and your daughter will hardly know it’s there. The special shape of the clip provides an optimal amount of hold that has been proven to stay in just a few strands of hair. Mom’s across the world call this special snap clip, “Amazing” as it even grips on to peach fuzz! That coupled with the high quality grosgrain ribbon I use, keeps these little bows and clips in your little one’s hair. I am constantly stopped by people exclaiming how cute they are and wondering how they stay in.

   I eventually started selling my clips and even introduced a no-slip alligator clip for moms who needed a larger clip that held more hair as their babies got older and outgrew the snap clip. The no-slip alligator clip comes from my special “Stay Put Strips” that I was able to focus test among a range of customers before deciding on the best no-slip option. The clips were an instant success and I soon began selling them around the world.
   I insist on using only top quality, non-toxic materials on my bows and clips, as well as heat sealing all ribbon ends to prevent any fraying. Even the ends that you cannot see are sealed. No chemicals are used on my products. I do not use any stiffeners, anti-fray liquids or strong chemical adhesives. I instead use a high quality, sturdy ribbon and heat sealing to keep my products safe for little ones. All of my clips are made with an attention to detail and quality so they will last for years.

   I sincerely hope you enjoy Ladybugs and Lullabies No Slip Bows and Clips. I strive to make a high quality and yet affordable clip, because after all..
Allyson Grabish
Ladybugs and Lullabies